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R700 Series High Efficiency Cage & Rack Washers

The BetterBuilt R700 Series Cage and Rack Washer reflects the current desire for high efficiency equipment which consumes less energy, increases productivity and promises sustainability for the future.
• Oscillating Manifold Spray Jet System
• Separate Wash and Rinse Solution Piping and Nozzle
• Touchscreen Control System
• Inflatable Door Gasket
• VHP and Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination
• Chamber Capabilities
• Low-Profile Base Allows for Shallow Pit or
• Floor Mounting
• Fast Cycles and Low Utility Consumption

R600 Series Cage & Rack Washer

The BetterBuilt R600 Series Cage and Rack washer is the result of modern technology combined with a performance proven washer design. This approach
delivers the cleaning performance, ease of use and long term durability our washers are known for.
• High Pressure Overlapping Rotary Spray Arm System
• Choice of Four Models
• Touchscreen Controls
• Pit Mounted or Optional Floor Mounted Design
• Various Loading Racks Available
• Energy and Utility Saving Options
• Turbo Wash Option for Fast Cycle Times
• Custom Sizes and Configurations Available

C500 Series Cage & Bottle Washers

The BetterBuilt C500 Series Cage and Bottle Washer are designed for facilities that require a heavy duty washer with the same features as a floor mounted cage washer but in a smaller cabinet configuration.
High Pressure Rotary Spray Arm System.
• Choice of Cabinet Size and Door Configuration
• Touchscreen Controls
• Steam or Electric Heating System
• Loading Racks for Bottles or Cages

T200 Series Tunnel Cage Washers

The BetterBuilt T200 Series Tunnel Cage Washer is the result of a progressive approach to washer design which combines cleaning performance, easy of use and long term durability to meet the demands of today’s busy facilities Touchscreen Controls.
• Easy Access to Filter Basket Screens
• Positive Connection Spray Manifolds
• Numerous Energy Saving Standard and Optional Features
• Patented Dryer Design for 99.9% Dry cages
• Automated Loading and/or Unloading System
• Integration of Bedding Handle Equipment

D200 Series Automations Bedding Dispensers

T h e Better Built D200 Series Bedding Dispenser is an automatic, rain fall type, conveyor unit designed to dispense bedding into cages as they pass through the dispenser. This unit is designed to accept rodent cages as they are discharged from a tunnel cage washer, or as a stand-alone unit capable of handling most solid bedding materials.
• Rubber Coated Rollers, Minimize Noise
• O-ring Tension design drives Rollers
• Controlled Flipping of Cages with Patent
• Integrated with Tunnel Cage Washer
• Manual Speed Controls for Rollers and Dispensing
• Safety sensor on Bedding Hopper Lid
• Photo-electric Sensor at Unload End





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