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Animal Transfer Station

The Phantom2 expands upon everything that made the original Phantom great, with improved industry-leading ISO Class 3 airflow, the new Active Barrier Containment™ system, technologic and ergonomic enhancements to improve ease of use, lighter weight, and a variety of optional features for added convenience.


Bedding Disposal Station

Energy efficient, quiet, with less vibration and care taken toward ecologic responsibility, the Phantom BDS offers all of this while still providing a larger work surface, greater illumination, and many other worthwhile features and benefits.

SC Plus

Biological Safety Cabinets

Featuring HEPA-filtered Class 5, NSF-Listed, laminar downflow and exhaust with a 12-inch sash opening, the SC Plus Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet provides full separation between the interior work area and the external environment for full animal and personnel protection.


Bedding Dispenser

Our new unit efficiently dispenses a wide variety of bedding types to a great range of cage sizes – with options to customize exact bedding amounts – while having the smallest footprint of its category in the industry, all while being safe. And although it is half the size of most bedding dispensers, it has the same throughput capabilities. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to connect with others to maximize any facility’s bedding dispensing capacity – or to position single units strategically in various locations to improve workflow. Lastly, FlexFlow’s safety features, combined with its compact design, make it extremely ergonomic.








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