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Housing Services

Due to the highly specialized challenges that are unique to Gnotobiotic research Allentown has employed a holistic approach by providing our customers with the consultation of a team of veteran laboratory animal specialists with over 100 years of combined experience. We recognize that specialized equipment alone is not enough to change the face of Gnotobiotic research. A well-educated team approach, with the appropriate housing provider, is the best course of action.

Wi-Com InSight

Intra-cage Monitoring

Wi-Com InSight monitors individual cages for water leakage, temperature, humidity, light, and ammonia. InSight samples conditions within the cage directly and reports conditions wirelessly back to an iPad central collection system in real time, where this information can be reviewed and reported on for maximum research value, and from where automatic email notifications can be sent.


Colony Health Monitoring

Allentown and Charles River Laboratories have partnered together to develop the Exhaust Air Dust collection methodology - or EAD®. This system does not require soiled-bedding sentinel animals, but instead captures and samples aggregate exhaust air from IVCs using a patented collection media that attracts dust particles but doesn't load like a filter, or impact airflow.









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