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Avin Antigen Kits


Serum Plate Antiserum



Negative Serum

Sterile chicken serum negative for common poultry pathogens listed on the Quality Control Sheet.

Filter-sterilized negative chicken serum is also available in bulk for application such as tissue culture.


Sendai and Purified Viruses

Sendai virus is commonly used as a fusogen and inducer of cytokines. SPAFAS rountinely produces Sendai virus (Cantell Strain) in our SPF Premium eggs. The product is in the form of infectious allantoic fluid, harvested asceptically and tested for microbial sterility. Typical HAU titers are 1:6000 HAU/ml.
Our laboratory is also equipped and prepared to produce other viruses, grown in SPF Premium embryos and processed to various levels of purity accrording to your methodology if so desired. Customized production protocols are welcome. Contact us for a discussion of your special needs. Sendai Virus (Cantell Strain) is supplied as sterile, clarified allantoic fluid. Minimum HA titer of 2000 HA units/ml.



Human Influenza Viruses


Bulk allantonic fluids available and other strains are available upon request. Preparation of purified viruses in small or large quantities is available.


Avian Antigens


* American Association of Avian Pathologists

** Restoring Buffer (30% glycerin) supplied for lyophilized product at no additional charge when purchasing antigen

 NOTE: Store lyophilized products at -20oC


Avian Antisera




Other Antisera


Rabbit Antiserum

Rabbit p27 antiserum was prepared in rabbits using purified virion protein (m.w.=27,000) extracted from avian myeloblastosis virus. Antiserum reacts with all subgroups of Leukosis virus.


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