As a leading supplier of sophisticated life science research instrumentation in the global life science market, the wide TSE Systems product range emanates from the three major company divisions Metabolism, Behavior and Inhalation as well as Physiology and an additional various product choice. With our modular designed product systems comprising integrated hardware and software platforms we offer total customer solutions for metabolic and behavioral phenotyping and neuroscience, as well as drug screening and toxicology.



PhenoTracker – Modular video tracking software


  • Optimized analysis for diverse lab animals like mice, rats, zebrafish, insects & fish and insect larvae
  • Multiple Object Tracking: up to 5 fish or 50 insects at a time
  • Automated Active Investigation, Social Interaction, Immobility & Turning detection
  • Unlimited multi-arena tracking (dependent on video resolution)
  • Zero-configuration Tracking: tracking algorithms optimized for each species with no configuration required
  • Over 30 parameters measured out-the-box
  • Multiple users can access a single system at the same time
  • Access the software over a network - from the lab, office, or at home
  • Analyses all common video formats
  • Integrated data management and batch video analysis
  • No specific hardware requirements: videos can be captured with most video camera types, and a frame grabber is not necessary