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Isolation (FIC) Chambers

Autoclavable for Complete Sterilization

FIC units protect your animals and personnel from cross-contamination. They are ideal for both acute and chronic holding of animals.

Units are quiet, warm, and soft to the touch of the animal. The problem of hypothermia is eliminated. These autoclavable isolation cubicles are matched die molded of hi-tech thermoset plastic. Each cubicle is easily removable from its support frame for sterilization. Polycarbonate doors have slip-a-part hinges making sterilization easy.

All hardware is stainless steel and adjustable to compensate for wear. Casters are non-scuffing with locks, brakes, and zerk fittings. Support frame is stainless steel.

Each compartment includes its own blower, on/off switch and standard glass media filtration package. 120 volts 60 Hz, components are U.L./C.S.A. approved. 220 volt units are available. Standard filtration system has 5u efficiency.

These Isolation Units are ideal for the Research Facility where space is at a premium. Multiple species can be housed in the same room.

Because each cubicle has its own 5u glass media filtration system, internal atmosphere can be exhausted through your house air removal system.


Model number

Cubicle Size

Cubicle Config.

Possible Species


24" x 28" x 28"

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

Fowl, Felines, Rabbits


30" x 30" x 30"

1, 2, 4

Fowl, Felines, Rabbits, Primates


36" x 36" x 36"

1, 2, 4

Canines, Primates


48" x 36" x 36"

1, 2

Canines, Sheep



FIC-36-2 Portable animal hypoxia isolator

Portable FIC Units


FIC Accessories

•Plastic coated support floor
•Various filtration systems
•Shelf support package of plastic or metal shelves
•Interior lighting systems
•Stainless steel support frame.
•Adapter to fit your in-house filtration and air-removal system.

Additional Options

•Glove Ports
•Iris Diaphragms
•Feeding Ports
•Automatic Watering
•Tinted (shaded doors)
•Electric Outlets (inner)
•Lighting Systems
•Valves, air, gas, water

Other Filtration Methods and Means

•High Efficiency Particulate Absolute (H.E.P.A.) rated at .3u
•Molecular Sieve with Angstroms to suit
•Activated Virgin Charcoal
•CO2 removal (atmosphere purification)

Possible Applications

•Temporary Conditioning of Control Test Animals
•Drug Abuse Research
•Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology
•Toxicologic Pathology
•Reproductive (fertility) Studies
•Environment (Hygiene) Exposure


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