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Automated Animal Watering

Over 90% of the animal facilities in North America, and an ever-increasing number worldwide, use Edstrom watering systems in their vivariums. Leading pharmaceutical, government and academic research facilities rely on Edstrom for their critical animal watering requirements. We design and manufacture the complete automated watering solution: from water purification and treatment to water distribution piping and drinking valves. Each of our systems is custom designed based on water quality, facility size, room layout, cage manufacturer, and animal species. We meet the needs of all sizes and types of facilities through an expandable system designed to grow with your facility.  


Water Purification

Provide consistent, high quality drinking water to your laboratory animals year-round by using reverse osmosis combined with pretreatment filtration and post-treatment disinfection. The Edstrom Ultrafilter Water Purification System is a standalone unit that provides clean, filtered water for animal drinking water applications. Edstrom water treatment products help destroy contaminants found in your incoming water supply and kill any that develop downstream.


Sipper Sack

Sipper Sack® is a simple yet innovative system, perfect for watering individual cages containing mice or rats. Sipper Sack is ideal for controlling animal medication, and measuring water consumption when utilized as a complement to our automated watering system,. Plus, Sipper Sack offers many benefits for the critical environment – helping you reduce labor and increase efficiency in biosafety, isolation, or quarantine areas.


Electronic Research Administration

Edstrom animal management products are centered on improving animal care, increasing overall vivarium efficiency and boosting productivity, saving you time and money.

Critical Monitoring & Control

Edstrom offers specialized products for monitoring and controlling a number of environmental factors, such as light, humidity, temperature and differential pressure.

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